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Sat, 2 Jun 2007

1:03 AM - Using a widescreen in MBSD

I just purchased a Widescreen display for my PC.  It was a low cost (read cheap) display from westinghouse.  I couldn't get X11 to display anything except at 1280x1024 which isn't even supported by the display!  Very strange.  After a little googling, I learned about the ModeLine property for monitors in X11.  I've written a blog entry on the setting changes here.


1:05 AM - SMP is now default

The GENERIC kernel configuration is now SMP enabled.  With new processors shipping with at least two cores, it makes sense to look forward with MidnightBSD.  By the time we ship 1.0, these new systems should be commonplace.  This change is only in CURRENT and will not be done in STABLE. 


1:08 AM - linux-firefox port

I've updated linux-firefox to  This is a recommended security update for all users of that port.