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Fri, 25 May 2007

4:17 PM - Security update, documentation update, installation instructions

Security Update

The recent file magic issue discovered in FreeBSD has been patched in MidnightBSD. Current and Stable have been updated. cvsup to get the latest updates.

Documentation Update

ctriv updated the documentation on mports.  Please review the new policy document if you are developing ports. 

Installation Instructions

Our current snapshots are out of date.  It is recommended that you download the most recent update and do the following:

  1. Install the most recent snapshot for your architecture
  2. Use anonymous cvs or cvsup to update the src and mports collections.  See the MidnightBSD website for more on this.
  3. Update MidnightBSD using the checked out source by building the new code.  (buildworld + buildkernel + installkernel + reboot + installworld + mergemaster)  Note that mergemaster -p is probably not needed unless you get an error about audit
  4. Build and install mports using the new version. 
  5. Report any bugs to