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Fri, 27 Apr 2007

4:32 PM - ipv6 type 0 routing headers

CURRENT and STABLE both have the patch for ipv6 type 0 routing headers.  The problem is that ipv6 routing headers could be run over the same link multiple times.  We've been debating how to best handle this problem over the last few days.  It was a known issue with the RFC, however, OpenBSD recently brought it to everyones attention.  Their solution was just to add an ifdef 0 in the code which seemed rather poor.  There are research cases where this could be useful.  If your system is not acting as an ipv6 router, it is not needed anyway.  While most MidnightBSD systems are intended for desktop use, home users often use *NIX systems for personal routers, etc. 

We chose to use the FreeBSD approach of adding a new sysctl to enable the old behavior. 

For more information, consult the OpenBSD website or the FreeBSD security advisory FreeBSD-SA-07:03.ipv6. 


11:48 PM - (no subject)

This blog will now be updated by two people.  I (laffer1) and ctriv will both post updates.  ctriv knows more about the status of mports as he's actively working on it. 

New ports today:

ctriv has been commiting fixes for many existing ports all week. 


11:54 PM - Hello and mports...

I should introduce myself. I'm ctriv; one of the newer comitters here on the project. I've been working on changes to our mports system.

As mentioned earlier, ports now "fake" install into a temporary directory and a package is made from that temporary directory. This package is then installed with pkg_add. This makes the logic of the ports system much simpler. Everything builds a package. Ports only need to know how to build the package. Much of the work that pkg_add does, such as maintaining the package database and running install scripts, is not duplicated in ports.

Unfortunately, such a large change in the system means that many ports no longer function correctly, but in the last week a great deal of progress has been made. The GNUstep core ports have all been updated. GNUstep-make 2.0 has helped a great deal - almost every GNUstep port now works correctly.

GTK and KDE have been updated, as have all the editors except vim5. Changes to have really improved the state of things. The failure rate of ports continues to drop as the system matures.

I'm continuing to go thru the ports tree, my hope is to have all the ports updated by the start of summer.