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Tue, 17 Apr 2007

12:54 AM - mports transition update

We are starting to make progress with the transition of ports.  Its very import that people mention broken ports.  We are testing everything, but hitting ports that people depend on first is always a good thing. 

Today, I fixed the windowmaker port. 

I'm going through X11-wm.  wmii, skippy-xd, ratpoison and pekwm are working.  (bottom up approach) 

The opera port is known to be broken right now.  lynx and links were updated yesterday and should be new versions that also work properly.

Opera has two problems.  First, qt33 is not installing.  If you already have qt, you'll find that the port is dying trying to package up its manpage.  Some ports that we know are broken have been added to bugzilla. 

Once we are done with this transition, all ports will correctly create packages.  This will be helpful to anyone running more than one system on the same architecture.  It will also simply building packages for us.