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Sun, 15 Apr 2007

1:19 AM - mports status

We are in the transition period to  That means many ports are currently broken.  Many X11 ports do not install properly at this time.  ctriv is working on this transition nearly everyday so progress is made. 

Critical issues at the moment:
GNUstep base doesn't work well.  This is clearly a big issue and we believe transitioning to the new gnustep-make 2.0 will fix this issue as it has destdir support. 

QT 3.3 is not installing just right.  This means KDE and friends aren't going to work. 

If you wish to use mbsd, i recommend you stick to the 0.1-special snap with its packages or grab some packages from the FTP server.  Those packages should run on newer mbsd versions, although this will also switch you over to the new ports system. 

This transition will be worth it.  I do not know how this transition will effect our release schedule.  It was critical we move forward with it, however.  I will work on the base system and installer during this transition.  Our security officer has been working on his new binary patch system.  Our remaining developers are working on different projects related to ports or documentation.