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Fri, 13 Apr 2007

5:22 PM - clamav

A security hole was found in Clam Antivirus.  Versions prior to 0.90.2 are vulnerable.  Our port has been updated to address this issue.


6:34 PM - New ports: ruby-gnustep, kismet, gdl2, aircrack, aircrack-ng, freeradius


GNUstep related:
gdl2 (think EOF for GNUstep)

Note: If you have any problems installing the gdl2 port, try installing postgresql81-client first.  There seems to be a subtle problem with detecting pq.4 as postgresql81-client is not fully installed when called from gdl2.. i'm looking at that.  The port itself should work fine.


6:46 PM - AMD64 packages

I've built a few amd64 packages.  You can find these on the ftp server under current.