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Mon, 9 Apr 2007

5:01 PM - RELENG_0_1

We've created a branch which should be more stable. We hope to have a basic release ready by sometime in June.

The first release will include binary packages using the old system. mport will (hopefully) be available between .2 and .4. For the .2 release, we plan to work on the installer. From now on, each release will have a specific goal.

If you find bugs in 0.1, please report them using our bugtracking system (ideally) or our forums.

The first system will most likely be text based with options to install xorg and GNUstep. I have not completed the changes to the installer for GNUstep installation yet. As soon as that is done, I'll post an RC for 0.1.

Also, we had to back out propolice due to breakage in the threading libraries. As we had hoped to do a release, it only made sense not to leave an obvious flaw in the system before branching. We're re-evaluating the patch and also considering just moving toward gcc 4.1.

RELENG_0_1 will have the following (unless a security issue arises):
OpenSSH 4.6p1
tcsh 6.14 (6.15 in CURRENT soon)
Bind 9.3.4
gcc 3.4.4
OpenNTPD 3.9p1