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Wed, 4 Apr 2007

3:07 PM -, new ports, amd64 is in "alpha" now. There will be continuous testing and changes to ports over the next week as we clean up problems. The new system does a fake install and rolls packages similar to OpenBSD's ports system. As we've been using modified FreeBSD ports for most things, there are several problems with this approach. Ports which do not honor PREFIX are broken. We're working on this issue.

Today, I added two linux flash plugin ports. I also added the linux-mplayer-plugin port but it appears there might be problems with mplayer. I'm going to work on that issue.

I fixed the dependancy in the xine port on an old version of curl so that should be working again. I'm waiting for the test compile to finish.

I've been working on adding several missing tk ports so that we can bring in the FreeBSD mbone category. Most of us don't have a great deal of experience with ipv6 so its a good time to pick it up.

We've also did several changes to the Opera port. The "native" version stopped working unless we used shared QT. The reason for this is our recent pro police patch. That means we can not add the opera linux plugins port, but we were able to get opera to work again on i386 and now on AMD64. (its still 32bit)

I decided to install AMD64 MBSD on my destkop. We didn't have any active developers running it as we've been trying to focus so much on the common desktop case. I'm working on fixing mports and any bugs I encounter. Its actually running much more smoothly on my desktop than the i386 version. There have been some ports problems but i'm taking care of them as I go. I'm also building some packages which I will post on the FTP server at a later date. You will need the propolice patch to use the packages.

I will be making new snapshots soon with propolice included. We're still cleaning up a few things for that snap. Also, I'd like to wait until mports settles down a bit since the index must be clean.

GNUstep compiled after a little hiccup on AMD64. It was actually an excternal dependancy. I need to do more testing on that.

A word of warning, if you have an old install of midnightbsd, consider that propolice is a very intrusive change and you may have problems. After following /usr/src/UPDATING and before buildworld try to compile a simple program linked with pthread or thr. If it works, you're OK.