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Tue, 3 Apr 2007

12:52 AM - Pro Police patch update

So far several users have had great success with the new patch. One of my systems experienced a problem with the patch. Any program linked with pthread or thr would seg fault. A few ports are not working well.

If you installed opera, be sure to use the shared library qt version. We are still reviewing other ports.


12:54 AM - Other changes

We've removed giant lock from portions of geom. Please report any unusual behavior.

I just updated sed(1) with several interesting changes from FreeBSD. Yar has done a lot with that lately. I still need to update the man page.

Finally, we're experiencing a lot of HTTP traffic. Our security officer posted a piece on osnews about the Pro Police patch. We've had several people volunteer so its certainly worth the exposure, but our site might be slow. If you are downloading, please be sure to use a mirror.