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Thu, 22 Mar 2007

2:54 PM - BitchX in, mports transition?, naming

BtichX is now in mports.  I think this will make several of us happy. Gnome support does not work since we don't have gnome in our tree. 

We're still talking over the proposal for transitioning mports to another system.  It looks like we will probably stay with our own ports tree.  Aside from MirBSD ports, we also talked about pkgsrc.  The conclusion so far is that we need our own ports to maintain the control for tight desktop integration that we'd need.  We didn't see any particular deficiencies in the other projects, just the fact that we don't feel we could get the user experience we are working for. 

In my blog, I will probably continue to call it mbsd but for official channels I guess we'll start calling it Midnight for short.  Someone suggested MNBSD but i don't like that much. 

Our first bug report is in so it appears bugzilla is working now.


4:39 PM - New Website

I just published a new website design I had been working on.  I haven't had time to polish it, but it was still significantly better than the old design.  This one is not a ripoff of another BSD project.  The new "logo" uses an actual photo of Midnight's eyes.  I thought it was a little creepy.