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Tue, 20 Mar 2007

5:05 PM -

MidnightBSD now has a bug reporting and tracking system setup. Please add future bug reports to this system.


5:07 PM - mports X11 changes

ctriv is working on migrating X11 ports to install in /usr/local/ instead of /usr/X11R6. This will allow us to migrate to xorg 7.x in the future. Some ports might be broken for a few days while he does the transition.


5:08 PM - amd64/sparc64 broken

A few changes in the tree have broken AMD64 and sparc64. i386 should be fine. I'm working on it. It was discovered when I was trying to make new snaps.


5:11 PM - Opera(c) browser

I've had a few complaints about including Opera(c) with MidnightBSD. Some people feel closed source software does not belong in open systems. I would love some feedback on what you think. (comment on this entry or use the forum)


5:13 PM - tcsh

The patch was accepted upstream.


10:00 PM - (no subject)

An informal count of ports shows 1077. I guess that means we have 1/16 of the freebsd ports :)

I added spam assassin tonight.