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Mon, 19 Mar 2007

10:53 AM - New snaps, more..

I now have a redistribution agreement with Opera Software to distribute the Opera(c) browser with MidnightBSD.  This is relevant as I'm able to distribute it on ISOs. 

This morning I uploaded a new snapshot without ISOs.  (dated the 18th)  Our make release script is not including the packages properly.  I manually made ISOs with packages for testing.  Its in the snapshots/i386/0.1-Special folder on the FTP server.  In theory, xorg should be installable from the disk1 CD as well as many other packages.  There are about 500MB of packages between disk1 and disk2.  Only fetch disk2 if you intend to use the packages on it.  Mostly its GNUstep, WindowMaker and KDE packages.

I have not had an opportunity to test this ISO yet.  It may not work or not be bootable for some reason. 

As for the release script, I have an idea why it might be failing and can setup a work around for it.  Once these little details are worked out, I will start working on modifying sysinstall to drop a GNUstep base + some apps with installation.  I will also create a metaport for GNUstep related ports and another for MidnightBSD "gui" customizations which will actually setup the graphical environment.  By not including it in base, I'm able to possibly offer non gui installation for servers.  I'm not targeting servers, but I personally use MBSD on servers so its helpful to me.  There are also a few in the project that aren't big GUI fans like our security officer. :)


6:51 PM - tcsh 6.15 diff for MBSD

i just created a quick diff for MBSD with tcsh 6.15 which was released very recently.

I also sent this upstream.

I noticed when mports was started after our "ports" issue, the config.sub and config.guess files are lying and saying we are freebsd.  While this might be necessary in ports for now, we should post patched versions for MBSD.  I've had some on my system for some time.  I'll try to do this later.  I also have a small qemu disk image with the latest snap + x11 installed to post on the ftp later.  I was able to install MBSD with the xorg packages on the new ISOs and that's what the qemu image is.  I'm starting to think I need to make my own patches directory that's publicly accessible. 

I am hoping to import tcsh 6.15 soon.  There is at least one known bug with the new version.  It has improved memory allocation/cleanup code though.