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Tue, 13 Mar 2007

1:02 AM - mports, Etoile, Java, src

Today I managed to get some much needed work on src done.  While nothing essential was commited, there were several fixes to sound done.  I also cleaned up a few other things.  I'm in the process of testing buildworld/buildkernel at the moment.  if things prove stable, I'll try to sneak in the openssh update and then build new snaps.  We could use some with the timezone changes in. 

With mports, I updated the linux-sun-jdk ports as well as the freebsd java ports (freebsd binary versions).  I also added dilion, gnustep-tracker (rss feed scroller), and i've begun importing etoile! 

I'm as shocked as anyone, but I've got part of etoile working.  I synced our with FreeBSD's and did a few other changes and then Dirk's ports are working on mbsd.  I can't take much credit for these ports, but I'm happy to have them.  With some ports, even starting with a FreeBSD port still involves a lot of additional porting time.  These are going smooth so far. 

ctriv hit some snags with the msk driver.  He's made some progress with  packages.  We're hoping Wintellect will be available soon to discuss the changes with ctriv.   Most people are very busy in their personal lives right now.

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1:35 PM - Etoile

I spent a few hours getting etoile into mports last night.  I just posted a screenshot of Etoile running on mbsd.


5:16 PM - Exciting mports work, src

We're making some progress for a change.  Archite got mozilla to finally compile on mbsd although its not working just right yet.  I just did some refinements to the gnustep ports which seem to be working well so far. 

gzip and gtar in mports were updated to fix some security concerns.  There is still a possibility gtar has an issue.  That's up for debate. 

The new sound code seems to be working.  I've successfully installed the new kernel build on my laptop and desktop so far.


7:15 PM - OpenSSH 4.6p1

I just finished updating OpenSSH in src to 4.6p1.  So far it seems to be working well for me.  The merge was a bit awkward so if there are any problems with defaults, let me know.