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Sun, 11 Mar 2007

1:01 AM - 980 mports

We've hit 980 mports today. Considering darwinports has less than 4000 if their website count is correct, I think we're making good progress. Compared to the 16,000 ports FreeBSD has this isn't that significant. Many FreeBSD ports are useless crap though.

I'm debating what bug tracking software to use for the project. Tonights work was done to get Bugzilla into mports. I want to test it for a time. GNATS appears to be a big hassle to setup. Request Tracker has more dependancies than Bugzilla.


12:39 AM - Live Journal clive port and DST

I've just added the live journal command line client to mports.

My systems seem to have faired DST ok.

According to this CNN article, DST was changed for the environment. This is false. It was proposed for trick or treaters by Fred Upton. More time was put into y2k testing. I don't think Microsoft charged $4000 to update Windows (2000) back then.