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Fri, 9 Mar 2007

1:27 AM - more ports

GWorkspace and GNUmail were added to mports along with several windowmaker compatible dockapps. 


1:29 AM - Recent Activity

Most of us have been rather busy lately, but we did get a few things commited.

mfi was added today.  Its a driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS RAID controllers.  It supports some of the Dell perc5i's and various other newer controllers from LSI. 

A few minor changes to improve timeout behavior in nfsclient were commited. 

Kernel PPP was corrected to use GIANT. 

added mports:


10:15 AM - mports and sysinstall

The following ports were added recently:
devel/libical, misc/xtail, misc/cpuid, gworkspace, gnumail, math/R, math/blas

sysintall now "knows" about several additional ethernet and disk devices.

Archite is looking into bring BSD licensed more and less into our tree. ctriv, a new developer with MBSD is working on several projects including a possible new package management system.