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Thu, 15 Feb 2007

2:48 PM - Wireless

I just got a refurbished thinkpad and I'm working on getting wireless up.  Here are some helpful references:

The linksys WPC54GS version 2 is a Broadcom chipset so avoid it if possible.  I believe you must use an ndis wrapper with this card.  I've managed to get that working,, but using a native driver is certainly better. 


4:11 PM - More on wireless

Setting up an airport express based network is a pain with BSD or Windows.   My configuration is with WPA2 personal and non broadcasted SSID.  Most everything in google is about WEP.  WPA2 only does not play nice with my setup on the airport end. 

Here's my working config for reference:



    ssid="The name of my lovely network"

if you don't use a hex value... use quotes for psk=
/etc/rc.conf ...
ifconfig_ndis0="WPA DHCP"

(this could be the problem with WPA vs WPA2 above)

This does seem to work.  I have two airport express wireless routers with the latest firmware (6.3 i think)