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Tue, 13 Feb 2007

5:59 PM - An update

src now includes sudo. It has a rather conservative default config file.

I've updated Samba to 3.0.24 to deal with several security issues listed in the commit. I'd recommend updating to the new port when possible.

mports/devel/dmalloc was added today as well as mports/net/zillion. dmalloc is a memory debug library and zillion is a gnustep based job control system...

I've got guile working now, but gnustep-guile is failing to compile. I'll look at that when I get more time.

I've put off the remaining KDE issues as I'd like to get some higher priority issues resolved. The PowerPC stuff is still not working with errors mounting the mfsroot. I'd like to get more gnustep apps in and possibly do something similar to the newer FreeBSD gnustep-app port.

I noticed FreeBSD is starting to work on priority queues. That might be something we'll need to look at. I personally would love that feature and Windows offers support for it.

I'm hoping to compile a list (with help) of outstanding security issues wiht MidnightBSD. I'm sure there are several ports which need updating.