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Fri, 19 Jan 2007

2:22 PM - mports and src status

Progress continues on syncing with relevant FreeBSD 6.1 Release changes. I tagged the code today with a snapshot point that has been known to work on a limited number of systems. (not massive testing) If you've been holding off updating your sources, its stafe to use that tag. Please note that we have not patched the jail vulnerability found when starting jails with syslog yet. This will be done after our other changes are completed.

The mports index is not building currently. That means using portupgrade can fail unless you have an old stable index. The problem occured as I commited some kde ports awhile back without the entire KDE distrobution. It will be resolved one way or another shortly.

I fixed up some typos in various Makefiles and added ghostscript-apsl. I also made a few adjustments with the ghostscript references in Phil had already made several changes recently in this area.

The sudden attention to detail with mports was long overdue. We also need to clean up mports for a snapshot and release on the horizon.

With the kde ports locally, I'm able to to bulid the index. I also noticed some bugs with the cups mport that need some research. (make clean fails for instance)