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Sat, 30 Dec 2006

11:50 PM - The last few days

Most of my time has been spent on src these last few days.  I just commited seq(1) from NetBSD. 

Yesterday I spent some time on init(8).  A patch was proposed for FreeBSD which also worked quite nicely for us to allow init to chroot.  I also did a bit of cleanup work on the source and shrunk the binary a bit. 

I also worked on /etc/rc.d.  Several of the scripts ordering was changed and some imrprovements were done to a few scripts.

The Acer m5288 PCI id was added to src/sys/dev/ata/ata-chipset.c to allow that chip which is found on newer laptops. 

The loginfail periodic script was altered to display login errors from more daemons. 

mixer_enable="YES" was added to rc so that one can turn off the mixer on systems without sound cards. 

src/usr.bin/login was changed to log errors from setenv. 

On the mports front, Phil has been commiting updates to several existing ports. 

First Release

I've made a decision about the first release.  I had held off on many source commits between early November and this last week as I had thought I'd do a release by now.  In fact, I promised it to several people.  The release has been held off mostly due to issues with automating building of packages for the ISO, generating the index and spliting the packages.  I'm at a point I can manually create packages and could possibly do a limited release.  I'd rather not ship packages which are not built in a very clean environment.  I've been working on modifying and writing scripts to do our package building in my spare time. 

I've decided that I will ship the first release without packages on the ISO.  mports will be installed however.  I plan to finish up some current projects on src and then possibly creating a snapshot early next week.  If all goes well, I hope to ship a tested release without packages by the end of January.  I will need to make adjustments to sysinstall as to not confuse users or cause any errors.  That deadline will also allow me to try to finish my scripts to build packages.  At this point, I feel the project has progressed far enough to warrent a release and allow us to start with a solid foundation to start doing interesting work.  The vast majority of commits have been to simply keep up with FreeBSD which is not what we want to do.  I don't want to be a distro of FreeBSD, but rather branch out with a complete desktop system.  You should start seeing more commits of features from other BSD systems and unique additions from our own project.