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Wed, 27 Dec 2006

5:53 PM - Recent changes

A CVSup server was created to download src and mports. csup was also added to base to help with retrieving mports. sup files were created, edited and in some cases deleted so /usr/share/examples/cvsup is now safe to use as an example to connect to our server.

A bug was patched in burncd which caused erasing a CDRW to go on forwever.

A problem with the bsnmpd update from Oct 30 was corrected.

Updates to sync GEOM with FreeBSD 6.2 stable are underway.

A bug with long double to long and long long conversions on sparc64 was fixed.

A bug with syscons/tty support was fixed which could cause a race condition in certain situations.

An rcNG script was added for rdate to allow clients to sync to a time server. We introduced OpenNTPD and rdate several months back, but had not created a replacement for the ntpdate script. This has been corrected and other scripts depending on ntpdate were adjusted. To use the rdate script, a server must be specified in rc.conf as well as enabling it. rdate_enable="YES" and rdate_flags="-n" for instance would enable rdate and have it sync to our local time server. Its not recommended to use our server as its on a slow link and not designed to be very accurate.