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Wed, 1 Nov 2006

10:57 AM - New Snapshot

A new snapshot was released yesterday for i386.  It includes improved hardware support for ATI and Intel graphics cards as well as Intel ICH8 support.  mpt, vge, pci, usb, and a slew of other device s were synced with FreeBSD 6.1 Release or 6-Stable.  We've also updated base and it includes a recent mports tarball with around 450 ports! 

Installation Notes:
1. packages are still not bundled on the isos.  The holdup is python support.  We need to either rewrite the package split script or get python running correctly (preferred).  Python modules are not loading in our experimental port and its marked broken.  Do not try to install xorg or other packages in the installer as you will get annoying error messages.  This is by far the largest holdup to 0.1 Release.

2. If you have a recent motherboard such as the Intel DP965LT with a third party sata to pata interface on the motherboard, it may not detect your cdrom drives.  You can use a usb cdrom to install in this case.

3. If you'd like to update your mports, use anonymous cvs as posted on the website.  The tar.gz file on the ftp is older than the one included in this release. 


This release is solely for i386, but I'm attempting to cross compile an amd64 snapshot.  If all goes well, I will post it on the ftp today or tomorrow. 

This release has been tested on three systems.  All three have Intel processors of various ages... PIII Xeon 550mhz on Generic,  Xeon P4 2.0Ghz SMP, D805 2.66 Dual Core.  Sadly I no longer have an AMD system to test with.

Please report any issues on our forum.

You can get this release on the MidnightBSD FTP server or the ISC mirror.


11:48 AM - mports: screen Vulnerability

Ubuntu published a security vulnerability on screen yesterday.  I've already patched the mport.


11:49 AM - mports: German

I've added several german mports this morning including additional aspell and ispell dictionaries, acrobat reader and staroffice.