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Fri, 27 Oct 2006

8:36 PM - src/sys/dev and cam updates

I've spent a good part of the day updating support for various hardware devices. MidnightBSD now supports Intel ICH8 sata chipsets including the version found on the Intel DP965LT Motherboard. Fixes were imported for usb, atkbd, kbdmux, and kbd. The mpt driver used by several LSI SCSI and Fibre Channel controllers was udated, although it has not be extensively tested yet.

If you purchase a newer system with an unsupported PATA controller like that included with the above mentioned intel board, you can install MidnightBSD using a USB cd/dvd drive. There are some issues with some usb devices and midnightbsd. If you have difficulty, try booting a freebsd 6.2 beta cd. You can install freebsd and then build and install midnightbsd from source. Remember the kernel will not sync well with userland so you must do an installworld before rebooting. You can always install the kernel and boot off kernel.old to installworld if you wish to test first. I'm hoping the new USB driver updates might help with this problem. I've noticed it with a Pioneer DVD burner which is also known to be a bit odd in OS X and Windows.


8:45 PM - mports

Phil's been hard at work with mports lately. In the last few days he's imported postgresql, php5, aide, mhash, php5-mysql, mplayer, mplayer-skins, xvid, mail/spamd, www/neon, pwgen, bitlbee, postgresql-plruby, p5-DBD-pg, and postgresql-docs.

I'm also added linux-firefox and linux-firefox-devel updates.