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Thu, 26 Oct 2006

12:02 AM - Firefox 2, WITH_DEBUG for mports, ECHO_MSG cleanup

Firefox 2.0 was added to mports on Tuesday.  The www/linux-firefox port is now firefox2.  linux-firefox-devel is now an october release of firefox 3.0a.

FreeBSD recently announced some of the SoC project results.  We've been reviewing a few of the projects for possible inclusion in MidnightBSD.  Two of the ports changes have been added to MidnightBSD's mports.  WITH_DEBUG allows you to add common debug flags (-g) or a specified flag to ports to allow them to compile with debuging turned on.  This could be useful for port maintainers.  Some mports already have a WITH_DEBUG option.  We've also fixed some of the erroneous uses of ECHO_CMD and replaced it with ECHO_MSG.  For details on the differences, please consult the file in your mports/Mk directory. 

I realize many of you are waiting for unique features in MidnightBSD.  We are working on some new things, but we also want to track FreeBSD enhancements as long as possible.  All the BSD projects share from one another and someday we hope to contribute useful code back to the community. 

Our security officer has been working on some very interesting improvements.  I've been working on several projects at the same time including Python patches, fixing installation problems with the ISOs, and working on adding support for the intel ICH8 chipset used in my new desktop.  The IDE controller is not detected on bootup but all sata controllers are working in compatibility mode.