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Mon, 9 Oct 2006

2:19 AM - Downtime

The website was down due to a hardware swap out.  I replaced the existing "server" with my workstation.  The old system was an amd sempron 2300+ with 768mb ram, 80gb ide, 2x 80gb sata raid 1.  The new setup is a Dell Precision 650 workstation with 2 intel xeon 2.0Ghz processors, the above mentioned IDE disk and a 76GB seagate U160 scsi disk.  The sata raid was very unstable on the msi board.  I suspect the nforce2 sata raid controller was a bit flaky.  Regardless, the precision has been used to build releases up to this point so its fairly stable. 

The upside is that my new system is a Pentium D 805 so I will be able to support AMD64/EMT64 releases in the future.