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Wed, 4 Oct 2006

10:10 AM - mports and openssh

Yesterday, a number of useful ports were added. MySQL 5.0, qemu, wine, sdl 1.2, bind 9, and bochs were added to mports.

The OpenSSH port is still in progress. A large number of changes need to be manually merged with this release. Raven is working on the problem.

This week, we've gained a commiter and two more have asked to join the project. Presuming the OpenSSH problem is resolved soon, we should be able to build a beta this weekend. I'm testing the last snapshot today. Others have reported successful installs with disk1 iso.


5:18 PM - More ports

A great number of ports were added today. java ports are now abundant including freebsd jdk (binary) and linux-sun-jdk* as well as jedit, bluej, and various libraries.

We are getting closer to an openoffice build. There is one remaining dependancy that must be commited before we can do a test build. (version 1.1) I'm hoping it works as planned. With java in ports, we have a good chance now of getting it to work.

ORBit was added today and I'm working on GCC 3.3 (needed for openoffice). linux-realplayer was added to multimedia and although that category is a bit lacking, we should have basics covered. We'll look at getting mplayer and xine to work later.

I'm hoping I can add tomcat soon as that would give us a java development environment for writing web applications which I would personally find quite useful.

If there are ports that you think are needed for a desktop system, please e-mail me or post on the MidnightBSD forum (