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Sun, 1 Oct 2006

7:04 PM - Status

A goal was set to release a beta version this weekend of 0.1 release. We do not feel that we are ready for this beta release. There are a few issues with the new ports sytem that we'd like to resolve.

The OpenSSL and OpenSSH security updates have not been applied to the base. Beware of this issue. Archite is working on the patches.

rsync and netcat were added to mports this weekend.

Changes have been made to GENERIC. 486 support has been removed. The current installer requires a large amount of RAM for 486 machines and the decision was made to remove support. We hope to improve the memory footprint on lowend hardware, but considering we are moving on with GNUstep and xorg will be running it doesn't make sense to continue supporting 486 processors. We hope to shrink the size of our default kernel by removing some options that can be handled with modules or are not needed by most users. Support for RIO mp3 players has been commented out in the configuration as well.

mports index building has been fixed. The make fetchindex target was pointed at the MidnightBSD website and we will start building indexes soon for inclusion there.


11:17 PM - New Snapshot posted for x86

A new snapshot was posted. This version includes the recent zlib update, changes to ports including mports compatibility, and src changes up through this evening.