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Sat, 23 Sep 2006

2:35 PM - Status

Today we've got most of gnustep working. was added and is working. linux_base-fc4 was added a few minutes ago. Linux compatiblity seems to be working. We added linux compatibility in an attempt to get linux-mozilla working. We've had a few problems with the mozilla and firefox ports (native). I'll work on this more later.

The opera port was fixed. You can now install opera along with compat4x and compat5x (freebsd).

Our ports are starting to get useful. A few categories only have one port in them, but the total number of ports is growing by 5-10 a day right now.

In order to use mports, remember you still need to edit one mk file after you checkout mports from cvs. Any time you installworld that fille could be overwritten. We will commit that change soon.

pkg_add -r was changed to our server. Anyone building a new world from this point forward will hit our ftp and our packages. We have not setup the latest symlinks yet so it will fail as of today. Almost every port can be built as a package.

There have been a few kernel and userland changes in the last 24 hours. df had some POSIX conformance corrections. Our nfs client and syscons have been patched for various issues.

The em issues have not been resolved yet.


6:53 PM - linux-mozilla

I've added linux-mozilla to mports tonight.  Like always, it needs testing.  I've commited so many ports today.  Its possible I forgot one.

mports/www/linux-mozilla and mports/www/linux-seamonkey were added in addition to opera, links and lynx.  We now have four web browsers to choose from.  Native firefox and thunderbird are still a must. 


9:01 PM - (no subject)

It just occured to me there are no email or text editor programs in ports.  I'm in the process of commiting some.  vim, pico and emacs are in ports.  Xaw3d is having a bit of trouble which is required for X11 emacs support.