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Fri, 22 Sep 2006

9:38 AM - GNUstep, others

Some progress was made on GNUstep yesterdeay. gnustep-make, gnustep-base and gnustep-objc are working. I've got gnustep-back compiling but there are a few optional dependancies i'd like to get fixed and more testing needs to be done. Its possible that we may have a working GNUstep environment by Monday. I've done my testing on a system with a wiped /usr/local and /usr/X11R6. I'd like to do a fresh install and test the ports soon to verify they are 100% ok.

I looked at apache 2.2 and determined we need to get Python working for the port. There are more serious issues with python so it may be awhile. While we are a desktop project, many people do test web apps on their own machines, etc. I also want to be able to run on MidnightBSD.

Several window managers are available now. I added windowmaker yesterday.

Finally, we hope to test etoile after the GNUstep issues are sorted out.


9:44 AM - Website

I've received mixed feedback on the new site design. It may change again. I've had someone approach me with 3 logo designs that I am curently considering. If I chose the, the existing site would not fit entirely.

As for the 404 issues, I'm aware of them. A problem with em was found the same night I was working on the website. I decided em and GNUstep are more important right now. I will try to fix the site when I get more free time.

If someone would like to volunteer to work on the website I'd be quite interested.


8:02 PM - More on GNUstep

I know there is great anticipation for a GNUstep package or at least a working port. I've been working on dependancies tonight.

textproc/aspell, german/aspell, audio/libaudiofile, security/gnutls, print/cups-base, x11-tookits/gnustep-art, and x11-toolkits/cairo have been added.


8:59 PM - gnustep-xdps, ghostscript-gnu

well ghostscript-gnu is a dependency that is not compiling properly on my box. After fiddling with the makefile I got it to a point its having trouble finding the jpeg libarry which is installed. I'll look at this later. Archite or wintellect could always commit a working version :)

Either way, we are much closer to gnustep support. I technically commited the gnustep port but its not guaranteed to work yet. Certainly, it will not work with gnustep-xdps right now.


11:50 PM - Opera port, src

Broken Ports: opera (needs fix, compat4x port added/depends) I did manage to get it running locally.

I've commited a few src patches today. df and the nfsclient need testing. syscons had a patch that may effect usb keyboard attachment. It may also fix a problem on newer Sun machines with usb keyboards. I'm going to test the syscons patch locally and then commit it tomorrow if its ok.

On my local system, I've managed to install xorg + windowmaker tonight. With the above hacks, opera is running.

I'm too tired to test GNUstep right now. I'll do it tomorrow. I'll also try to fix the opera port as we need a gui browser until firefox is working well. Besides, some people prefer opera.