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Sun, 17 Sep 2006

2:43 PM - em and bce

em, the Intel gigabit ethernet driver, has been updated from 6.0.5 to 6.1.4. There were reports of problems with connections at 100baseTX on the Dell gx260. We hope this may resolve the problem.

The bce driver supports two Broadcom gigabit cards. It has been included in GENERIC for i386 and amd64. The module and manpage require further work. This driver has not been tested. We need feedback on this.


2:49 PM - mports

We made the decision to start over with ports a bit. mports are a fork off a newer set of freebsd ports. Aside from newer software, we will not be importing broken ports. Anything you see should compile and build unless we are working on it specifically. It drastically lowers the number of ports, but should make it easier to know what will and will not work.

There is still discussion if we will keep it as mports or replace the existing ports module in cvs.

For now, we've included some packages on our ftp server for people who need xorg or a few other ports.

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8:04 PM - Using mports

In order to use mports, you must do the following:

checkout the mports from cvs. The CVSROOT is
password is anoncvs. Updated checkout information is always available on the midnightbsd website.

Next, you must edit /usr/share/mk/ and change the PORTSDIR variable to /usr/mports

Finally, go into the directory and build whichever ports you need.

Progress is not as fast as I'd like, but we've had more commits in the last 24 hours than the whole week prior.