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Fri, 25 Aug 2006

1:05 PM - Last night's patches

Again, I had a focus on the kernel. I fixed a bug with usb keyboards where they'd start repeating keys, especially arrow keys! It started after my kbdmux update. So far so good. It mostly only occured in x11.

Some of the network card code was updated including vge and mii which it depends on. I also added the ifmedia_baudrate function from freebsd and netbsd.

hwpmc was updated but I don't know how well its working yet. In the process, I patched the vm's zeroidle and it seems peppy. I should start doing formal benchmarks with these changes. I can say the interactivlty imporved greatly.

I have one more kernel patch i'd like to apply before .1 release. The remaining work is all in userland. Mostly we need to get some ports working and get x11 installed. x11 will be installed as port to ease in upgrading and dependancy checking. I may ship an old version just to get something working out of the box soon.

userland should be fairly safe from a security perspective now. We are current on patches that have been added to freebsd up to this point. Our ports tree is very dated and some of that software is not safe I would imagine.


8:53 PM - New snapshot posted for x86

A new snapshot was posted on the ftp and http server today. It should be mirrored by isc soon. The torrent still links to the old one and will be fixed in a few days.