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Sun, 20 Aug 2006

10:25 AM - ISC mirror, OpenSSH, OpenNTPD, etc

The ISC has setup a mirror of MidnightBSD on Special thanks to them. Their mirror contains the entire FTP archive including the recent sparc64 snapshot.

Adam upgraded OpenSSH in the tree yesterday. I'll attemp a new i386 build when I get a chance.

I'm working on migrating to OpenNTPD. I've got about half the work completed. Anyone having problems with configure scripts should simply copy the FreeBSD releated entries in the config.guess/config.sub and replace FreeBSD with MidnightBSD and freebsd with midnightbsd. Also remove any additional entries for GNU "distros" of freebsd. I asked the GNU to patch their scripts. We'll see what happens.

I've had to disable ftp and http a few times. The traffic has been so bad nothing would come in or out. I'm hoping the mirror will help. I appologize to anyone downloading when that occured.

I'll write another entry when the source tree is "safe" to build. If you don't need ntp, you should be able to just delete those directories src/contrib/ntp and src/usr.sbin/ntp and it should work alright.

Finally, we've been looking at countless window managers. Several people have expressed interest in xfce. We haven't made a final determination but xfce, fvwm-crystal, WindowMaker, something custom, or some offshoot work for the etoile project are all in the running. Two of these choices don't exactly fit into my usability requirements. If they were chosen, it certainly would not be perminent. xfce has some nice points, but its also quite mainstream. was hoping to be a bit unique.