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Fri, 18 Aug 2006

11:00 AM - Download speeds, iso image, install tips

A few people have inquired about the download speed problem from the ftp/webserver. I am running the server on a business cable modem package which does not have a lot of upstream. I did a recent speed test using's server. 8314kbps down 823kbps up to chicago. I need a mirror quite badly. I sent an application to ibiblio but have not heard anything.

As for the iso image, the md5 for disk 1 does look wrong. I'm going to switch out the network cable and post a new snapshot for x86 and sparc64.

I did download the iso last onto a desktop and did a virtual pc test install. It worked ok.

Note on installtion: Do not use "all" or "xorg" options when it asks you to select relevant packages. The current snapshots do not include ports or documentation (aside from man pages) so those options will cause you to get errors during the install.

pkg_add intentionally points to FreeBSD's server and will fetch 6-stable packages. They still work for now and until I get ports up its a convenient way to get xorg and other items installed. I have not altered the sup files yet either.

The recommended way to get source is to check it out using the new anonymous cvs. (as of yesterday) Information is in the develop section of the website.


8:07 PM - Sun sparc64, i386 Torrent

I've just posted the first snapshot build for sparc64 on the ftp server.  It was built on a sun ultra 10 3d creator.   It took me about 11 hours to complete the snapshot build. 

I was also working on a new i386 snap, but my build system experienced some problems today as my air conditioning was on the fritz.  I'll attempt a build again in a few days. 

i386 is available via bittorrent, but sparc64 is ftp only for now.

There will also be some changes commited to ksh soon.