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Mon, 7 Aug 2006

12:10 AM - Damn car battery

I can't get this battery charged out of the car and moving the car doesn't seem very feasable... i'd still have to get a 100 foot cord to even try it.  If the battery had posts on it...

I decided to price batteries even though this one isn't so bad if it had juice.  45-100 for most.. average is around 70 dollars. 


1:12 PM - Free T-shirt time

Got a t-shirt coming :)

SF member includes one!  Network Security!


4:15 PM - Apple announcements

Hmm.. looks like we got a new Mac Pro and Xserve featuring xeons (up to quad)! 

There's some kewl features in 10.5 as well.  I don't see any other new products though.  The laptops and desktops for end users are identical.  There are a few good refurb deals though.

One thing of interest is the price of the Mac Pro.  Its more money but you can min config it at about 2100 dollars retail or 1962 education.  Thats a dual 2 gig with 1gb ram and 160gb disk.  I could live with that config nicely.  The airport upgrade might be a good call though.


6:16 PM - Air conditioning

Gee i wonder why my air is always running....

could it be because the fucking connector between the vents and the air conditioner was not CONNECTED.  I think i might have hacked it together.. we'll have to wait and see if it holds.  A little tape could fix it up for sure.