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Wed, 24 May 2006

8:54 AM - Dentist

I talked with the denist.  The hygentist recommended a dentist named wolly or something like that.  She knows the hygentist there, etc.

I guess i've got a problem on my side with the baby tooth.  The dentist said if it gets any worse i'll need to do something about it and most likely by next x-rays i will.  (november)

That sucks.  I am at work.  First time i've been here at 8:30 am ini a really long time.  I left a vm for chad since i figured he wouldn't believe me otherwise.  I don't like to eat right after going to the dentist so i'll probably just have lunch here a bit early and go out.  (say 11:30 or 12) so i can do surplus with stecy.


8:59 AM - New sparc and CDW

I haven't heard about shipment dates for either.  Thats really pissing me off.  The ebay guy has a few days i suppose but cdw has no excuse.


2:51 PM - Server Time

I bought a used server today.  Its a 533mhz p3 dell with 2 18gb scsi disks.  I got it for 50 bucks!  Chad wanted 75 but surplus decided it wasn't worth that.  :)

I think this will be my windows server.