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Sun, 7 May 2006

2:09 PM - WTF aka FalckonET mod build directions

I decided to include the build directions for falckon here in addition to the forums. It may help to have it in one place.

I have compiled mac bundles.

Steps to build on the mac:
1. install scons
2. install a subversion client
3. checkout source
4. save the site.conf file as a unix file with bbedit or another app
5. Fix the header file problem noted above.
6. run scons
7. run scons BUILDBUNDLE=1 to build the mac bundles.

Ok that was the problem. I didn't see any strange characters in vim so i didn't think it was a dos file.

Ok now i got an error in the compile.

cgame/cg_ents.c:2061 error static declaration of 'CG_Portal' follows non-static declaration

cgame/cg_local.h:2719: error previous
declaration of 'CG_Portal' was here

Looking at the source, its a function which has a static void definition in the c source and no static in the header file. I'm not even familiar with what the static modifier does on a function definition.

Ok i changed the definition to static void in the header file. Its generating warnings but compiling so far. It doesn't make much sense to have the function definition in a header file since you're trying to hide it by using the static keyboard.
[ Edited Tue Dec 20 2005, 04:11PM ]

(dont forget to convert the files to unix format using bbedit)

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10:09 PM - Good quote

You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake. -- Jeannette Rankin

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