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Thu, 13 Apr 2006

9:44 PM - Linux project hell

Open Mosix is really pissing me off. Swaroop and I worked on the cluster after class until 4pm today. I also worked with him from 9:30PM to 12:30PM in the lab last night. The shared memory code is buggy as hell and causes boxes to bounce. He did help me get gentoo up with a newer kernel and we may try that tomorrow. We did migrate processes today without the shared memory enabled. That seemed helpful but there isn't much to benchmark in that realm.

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9:51 PM - Modern East Asia...

My history class is moving toward the end like all classes. We covered 1950-1976 today. That includes Mao's death. Its quite strange how he had to get rid of possible successors after they turned on him so many times.

As usual most of my class fell asleep and my prof went on about not using sugar anymore because its poison just like TOOTHPASTE! I shit you not. He argued that Floride toothpaste kills you and my first thought was WTF followed by WTF do you use non floride toothpaste at least. He claims he doesn't need it since he never drinks or eats sugar (in foods of course). I found is lack of faith disturbing. :)

Personally I'd rather get fat off sugar than drink diet coke or worse yet that shit he was using. Nutrasweet is a big fucking screw and some studies suggest it might be linked to cancer causing agents. Who the hell wants cancer. Do I sound like him? Yes and No. I agree that nutrasweet and other un-natural sweetners are not good for you, but I disagree that sugar is bad in moderation. He claims that his teeth will always be perfect because he doesn't consume sugar. OTAY.

On a side note, some guy was googling a chick sitting in front of me and his girlfriend was getting really pissed. She was trying to get his attention all class and he ignored almost everything she said. I found that amusing.

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9:56 PM - (no subject)

I can't seem to relax tonight. I've got too much stress about this fucking project. Nicki and I seem to have things resolved. She's sending stock certs to my broker finally. Thats nice to get over with. Caryn seems happy aobut it too.

I'm a bit concerned about my mom though. Seems like C is bothering her and she had to file a protection order. I've heard this third hand though. I'm a bit suprised as I thought C would not mess with anyone but my father. He might be under the false assumption that my parents are real tight right now. They are not.

It was quite strange to have swaroop here. Aside from caryn's parents, I don't think we've ever had guests in this apartment. Its not like we have a lot of friends in the area. The place is really messy since we don't get guests, we don't usually care.

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11:19 PM - JJ Win client

I'm working on the Windows client a bit tonight to relax. I found some neat source code examples I may try to implement. I fixed a few bugs. The toolbars are no longer movable until i figure out how to save their location. I changed the options for music detect so that options are grayed out if detect is disabled.

I may have a replacement control that does native HTML. It would be much more powerful and i may go that route if needed.

I changed the background of the alert box. That alone knocked 100kb off the generated executable size! Its now around 260KB instead of 360KB. Adding features will beef it up again, but anything helps. Resident size is down about 500KB with the journal entry form loaded. JJ does consume a lot of ram right now. I'm working on that problem. I think part of it is caching of data in memory. I may write it out to disk and fetch it in later versions.

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