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Tue, 28 Feb 2006

9:36 PM - Xserve hd failure

Had a hard drive fail in the raid 1 array in the herald xserve. Its one of the g4 models and had 2 seagate IDE drives. Talked my boss into buying 2 new 160gb drives (seagate) to replace the bad drive and so there'd be a matched set. The old drives were 60gb drives. I am going to use a disk image so i don't have to reinstall the damn thing. At least thats what I hope.


9:38 PM - (no subject)

Went to the apple store today and we got a copy of toast 7. :)

Had lunch at uno's. Gotta love pizza. Looks like apple launched intel based macs again.. this time the mac mini, but it has a higher price and intel video. DAMN. But at least there is a dual core model and its got sata drives.