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Sun, 26 Feb 2006

11:08 AM - Fg| and JJ sites

Well i got a little work done on Fg| today. Added the about, members, and server rules pages back to the site.

As for JJ, I got a neat idea to post the top 15 posts in an rss feed. So the recent public posts will be put on the first page. That might encourage more user community stuff. Plus other sites do it. The catch is writing a good query. I'd like to do 15 unique users, but i'm not sure how to write the query. For now i'll just do the top 15 posts which will often be me. On a side note, Google can index many of the journals now if they are public posts. I'll enable a pref panel feature to flip that on and off sometime. Its part of the original design/schema but it wasn't done. If you need the switch flipped off, drop me an email and i'll do it for you in the database. Caryn can do her own :)

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