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Thu, 23 Feb 2006

8:11 PM - (no subject)

What a day...

Well I had a linux assignment as i've posted before. It was turned it sort of... well its in but not just right. I have to demo the fucking thing.

I forgot d_path or something like that which does the paths.. known. Everyone got the page buffer problem. See when implementing some damn thing in the /proc file system, you get 2 approaches and one requires that a single page be allocated. On a x86 32bit box thats 4KB. Bitch... so if you write more.. its crash time. kernel messages about buffer overflows and an eventual death.

Linux sucks.

Moving on... someone found some security issues in my bsd server over the last 2 days.. doh! I fixed the permissons problems (how fred of me) and i've been upgrading binaries as well.

I upgraded my router to a cvsup of beta 1 bsd and it crashed bad. fsck hell.. somehow i got a cvsup to work and got a new kernel from beta2 and all is well so far. Thank god the /home partition raid array was not harmed.

Midnight is on caryn's g4.. its back and works fine aside from the burner not being hooked up. The ati card doesnt seem to work :( there goes 200 dollars. Avoid newegg refurb video cards...

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