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Tue, 21 Feb 2006

6:59 PM - Hmm..

Well verio finally replied to me. I had to change my email address for the to cancel.. :(

Real fucking billed me for rhapsody even though I cancelled and was supposed to "have a free month".

I cancelled netflix because caryn and I rarely get time to watch them and they are slow about getting videos back when we have a break, etc. I figure that money might cover my iTunes addiction and well caryn might want to buy office episodes or something. We were a member since jan 2004.. geeze.

I'm trying to figure out how the hell i can pay off dell.. fucking 28 percent interest rate now and everytime we get below 1100 dollars they "pretend not to get our payment" so they can chare late fees. fucking shit. We literally sent it the day we got it this time. THey had 3 weeks to get it and process it before it was due. Its in illinois! NEVER EVER USE DELL FINANCIAL SERVICES. I've already paid 900 dollars (estimated) for my computer and actually paid about 300 from its original cost. Its the most expensive computer i've ever seen other than a big fucking server. We "owe" 1200 dollars on it now although it will be that way forever unless i can do it all at once plus secret fee coverage money. If the stock market didn't suck, I could do it right now. I wanted to in september, but i decided to get caryn the iBook instead. I don't regret the mac purchase, but it sucks now that i still have to deal with dell. I may not buy anything from them after this. Maybe CHINA is better.. (Lenovo/IBM PC division). I don't have a problem with china, just that the gov't owns part of IBM's former pc division. My iBook was made in china so its not like i care about that.

My fucking linux assignment is not going well either. I'm just fucking it up left and right.

Last night my aunt called me and talked to me for a long time. She admitted its her fault that we aren't in contact more. I guess thats nice. I don't know what to think. (booner)

My parents sent me email today both about similar things. In both emails it talks about my dads new love interest, the fact that he's moved in and so forth. Whatever. Funny thing is caryn and i think we've met the person before, a unisys tech for dell accounts. LOL


7:10 PM - Linux sucks.. i have proof

kernel module crap

File system crap:

More procfs crap:

GNU's not unix alrightythen...


7:13 PM - ET server

In case you hadn't noticed by my earlier post, I'm trying to tweak expenses. I want to get out of debt and plan in case caryn has trouble getting a job. She has to look for after graduation now. Even if everything goes according to plan, we are looking at moving expenses, etc. It will probably be the most expensive move for us ever.

I'm toying with getting a shittier server both specs and os wise... maybe a lowend linux box. Of course that will affect the server situation quite a bit and i'll have to drop hosting for third party sites. (speed reasons)

Its like 85 dollars a month or so right now. Then with cable and all.. i just want to get things lowered a bit. I need breathing room. I've been worrying about my car lately. I just have a bad feeling. I've been trying to get in more hours at work, although this week is a bust with this damn linux assignment.

I've been cleaning some today to try to get some of this out. I wish i could find a new source of income using my computer talents.