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Sun, 19 Feb 2006

12:08 AM - (no subject)

Played et for 5 hours today.. well maybe more... who's counting :)

At the peak, i had 14 users on the server (max). Most of the time there were 10-12 and only 4 fg members.

It was quite fun and during the peak the server was pushing 600 packets a second (udp and tcp combined). I think its partially because i got rid of that damn e107 POS. 103 sql queries for one page is bull shit, hell fred rappuhn knows better than that. They are assholes.

Still didn't call booner.

The sports illustrated swimsuit videos on itunes look really bad. If you preview the first one it looks much worse than those "girls gone wild" videos which show absolutely nothing. Hell i've seen more at western on campus. Maybe they should film there?

music: theme to austin powers...


12:54 AM - (no subject)

Ok so i cleared out about 5 gb on my file server, 2gb on my user partition which was 100% used in blocks (negative actually), and now the file server runs agian.. plus i have kde now. :)

Caryn started the cvsup for 6.1. That 600 packets really impressed me today on the server.. i think i'll do the home router too. Good et playing today. I've got a good start on my linux kernel module assignment,,, and fixed the windows issues. Linux does something goofy with the smp and i have to power cyle to fix it before a windows boot. I repaired the damage (explorer was crazy, i lost themes, firewall and there was some disk damage according to chkdsk) Damn linux.

This new jj client is much faster than the old one.. its all .NET 2. Everytime i run it, its faster. I love it.. almost feels like native code. (no garbage collection, etc)

oh i think i deleted the post about installing the free vmware server product in windows. It pownz although it interacts badly with windows onecare beta firewall. i will try to do a bsd install of it soon enough with the linux port.. not sure it supports the parallel port system calls though.

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