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Sat, 14 Jan 2006

2:09 PM - Computer day.. bsd traffic shaping and more.

Hmm.. its computer fix it day. I started working on my ibook and both bsd boxes (webserver and home router) last night. The ibook is backing up still from last night! I'm trying to copy the 20gb+ home directory in an apple backup file to my router. Its slower than shit but thats the wireless. I should have plugged it in before i started.

I'm also trying to get several bugs fixed on my router. I installed a upnp daemon that has very little documentation into bsd. If it works, i can get more transfers out of msn and p2p clients along with better integration with bill borg games. I just added the multicast routing (MROUTING) option to the kernel so it won't do shit till i reboot most likely. upnp makes use of multicast. Interesting huh?

I also setup traffic shaping last night with good old pipes and queues. Right now i'm just capping to my actual connection speed so that the router can limit transmissions more logically. My next step is to setup limited priorites for voip traffic and then dns/ssh/web traffic and finally everything else. I had to rebuild the kernel and userland on both bsd boxes due to a slew of security advisories. (4+ which is a lot in unix land)

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2:14 PM - (no subject)

Can't remember if i posted on this the other day but i have greylisting setup on the mail server now. So when some asshole spammer sends mail they usually won't retry if something bounces. Well I have a 5 minute wait setup before my mail server accepts email. Its not up to spec but its supposed to drop spam a LOT. We'll see. Considering i cleared the spam box yesterday and i only have 5 new spam in my mail client i'd say its working great so far. It will slow down the bsd box further though for et i think. There will be more connections.

So my mail setup is this:

greylist <= rbl check <= antivirus check (clam) <= sendmail <= procmail <= spam assasin checks <= delivery by procmail.

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