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Mon, 9 Jan 2006

12:21 AM - (no subject)

Talked to rob tonight. Sounds like his grandmother is not doing to good. :(

I informally priced out servers today since the current one doesn't work for shit. I priced 2 out at 1048 with dell. One one be windows and the other either bsd or linux. 2.5 ghz celeron 1gb ram and a 2.8ghz xeon with 1gb ram. (windows on the slow box) That doesn't include os licensing of course. I also looked at getting one box just for kicks configured for high load. Thats like 900-1600 depending on vendor, cpu, etc. (dual xeon or single amd) In reality, my websites can run on a 400mhz chip but the real problem is the mail server and et. (one box) Thats the real load. I won't be doing anything for a year on this but i want to start figuring out what i want to do.

Robs got a nice box running s2z right now. I'm impressed.


10:14 PM - JJ

JJ windows release done tonight on source forge. I'm happy about this version. I added outlook integration and fixed a few bugs. I'm getting ready to do a big update on JJ soon.

The windows client is almost as good as its going to get without doing some major work to it. So far its been easy to improve.