Sat, 24 Sep 2011

12:21 AM - Just Journal 2.0

Work has begun on the next generation of Just Journal.  I spent a few hours tonight working on the rewrite of just journal.  The new version will take advantage of newer technologies that have come out since the site was created.  

The current plan is to use much of the existing data access code and business logic (but refactored a bit) with a new front end.  This will allow me to finally get the website design standardized after all these years.  I'm going to drop Maverick and move to a newer Apache framework as well as drop JSP pages on the site.  

Once this phase of development is complete, I plan on migrating to Apache Cayenne.  A few things are already using it, but there is much to do yet.

I plan on keeping the old servlet around for some time to post blog entries as most of the gui and command line clients use this.  The C clients uses the xml-rpc interface, and i may start migrating the .NET client and java clients in that direction.   

This is a good time to put in for feature requests.  I've already had several lately related to image handling and pictures.