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Wed, 28 Dec 2005

1:40 PM - Windows client source code

I just commited the source code to the source forge repository for the last windows client release. Anyone interested in how the new word spell checker integration works should take a look.

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1:45 PM - Backup

I performed a database backup today. All journal entries and so forth are now backed up.


3:40 PM - Site update

I upgraded the code on the site today. The mysql library was updated and i renamed and improved the html output on several pages. Subscriptions is now called RSS Reader on a journal page.

I changed the friends add and delete code and that will require more testing.

I found a bug while testing the new version with the users servlet. It seems skipping more than 20 gives you over 20 entries on 1 page. Its very odd. I filled a bug on sourceforge and i have a possible fix in cvs that i'll test later.