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Tue, 20 Dec 2005

2:17 AM - New Windows Client

Just Journal for Windows 1.1 was released today.

This version increased in size quite a bit and now is about 750kb. It offers Microsoft Word spell check integration. There were a few minor bug fixes as well.

Users running a version older than 1.0.4 are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Source code for this release is not available online yet. I will post it soon.

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2:20 AM - December progress report

This month, Just Journal has seen several improvements.

Two windows client versions were released this month. Background color and spell check were added.

Code was added to email comments. It is not completely functional, but only once piece is missing now.

RSS feeds were upgraded to the RSS 2.0 specification.

Several html rendering bugs were fixed and html code was replaced with css in several places.

Avatars were added to the site. You can now create a "user picture" in for your journal. It will be displayed on your journal page and your friends avatars will appear on your friends page. Initial code limited the size to 5kb, but I've increased the limit to 15kb. JPEG, GIF and PNG images are supported. You should resize your image prior to uploading to around 100 x 100 pixels or less. You can do this in the preferences for your journal.

Versions of the windows client were posted to source forge. (not the latest, but one version back)

A link link was added on journal entries. It provides a direct link to the entry for use on other sites.

A mini calendar was added with the current months journal entry counts for each day.

I'm working on a links list feature to add links to your journal on the side. Its about half way done.

Favorites can be added now and viewed. This feature is still under development, but is functional. The view of the favorites will change eventually to be more useful.

Several text only white screens were replaced with nice html messages. I'm working on this to make the site more usable.

Caryn is still hard at work on the java client.