Thu, 21 Aug 2008

1:48 PM - work work work

I realized I can't put off updating mediawiki any longer at work.  I'm in the process now.  It's taking forever to install all the dependancies for the new version.  I'm going from like 1.9.3 to 1.12 or something like that.  Ugh I hate complex webapps.  

The newer portupgrade versions suck.  portversion doesn't report the version you have installed currently.  I hate that.  It was handy to check how out of date freebsd ports were and for comparison with mports.  It make look simple now, but it's not useful.  I don't get toning down command line tools.  Stupid people won't use them anyway.  

I still need to check the os x boxes for updates, although after last time i'm favoring leaving them unless there is a big patch.  I'd rather be there when I do it.  This remote stuff is for the birds. 

tags: mac work freebsd