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Thu, 7 Dec 2006

3:46 PM - (no subject)

The G4 xserve wouldn't post at work today. Well we got a warning light and no video. The hard drives didn't want to come up. This server was dropped a week ago. We eventually discovered that drive 0 was loose and the pci expansion riser card had come out so the pci radeon card inside didn't work right. We reseated everything and got it to boot. Next we couldn't login and couldn't get the cdrom to boot. Eventually i figured out the keyboard had gone bad connected to it. AGGHHH

I got that assignment turned in for Technical writing. i realized that I made some mistakes on it but after i ran out of black ink while printing it and caryn's printer was cutting off text, i just didn't have time to do it. In fact i was 20 minutes late for class. it was most unpleasant. At least its all in. I'm not going to worry until tuesday. Next problem is literature. Tonight I have a psych class but i'm very tired. I'm not sure if i'm going to stay the whole time. Its a miracle I made it this far.

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