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Sat, 25 Nov 2006

8:57 PM - LOL

I looked at the two beater computers. The first has a windows 98 sticker on it and a bad 4GB seagate drive. Its got a sis chipset, doesn't see the harddrive in the bios although it seems to boot off the replacement one (9GB). It has a broken network card and a working cdrom. I'm attempting a redhat 5 install. Its up... 2.0.32 kernel

i'll put something more useful on it later. Its more to see what it is than anything.

My mother's old HP is a 700mhz celeron with ~160mb ram i think. The power supply and cpu fan were caked with tar from her cigarettes. I had to scrub the hell out of the heatsink and carefully clean up the fans and then put new thermal compound on it. (arctic silver 5)

I'm waiting for a few parts to dry out a bit before i test boot it. She said it was loud and i agree. The system was the most dirty i've ever seen and another box had a dead bug under the cpu. (some jackass had removed the cpu to see if he could fry a bug and ruined the motherboard)

I just finished up having some ice cream.


11:02 PM - Cyrix instead?

Yes.. that's right. The other computer is a cyrix 250mhz cpu in a compaq with a sis chipset. Interestingly midnightbsd works on it!