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Thu, 2 Nov 2006

1:40 PM - (no subject)

Caryn's new monitor came. It looks like there are 2 dead pixels that I can see. Still not too bad considering the price. It looks amazing. I think she's going to want a new Mac or video card soon though. I booted up WoW and ET on this. WoW supports widescreen quite nicely but the framerate isn't that great. I lowered terrain detail by one and it seems to render at about 10fps at this resolution (1400 x 900?) ET doesn't support it, and the widescreen resolution it does support isn't fullscreen, but 1152 x NNN works OK at 15-45fps depending what i'm looking at. Considering this is an old geforce 4 mx its not bad at all. OSX auto adjusted the resolution and its up on DVI. Using OSX in widescreen is quite a nice experience and I can't believe the contrast compared to her old monitor or even my CRT. Its amazing and I love the colors. This is the first LCD i've preferred the colors to my CRT aside from the 23 inch apple displays. This might do darks better than those.

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